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What is a SART?

A Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a group of community professionals who work to coordinate an immediate, high quality, multidisciplinary, victim-centered response to sexual assault cases, child abuse & neglect, domestic violence and elder abuse. The team creates a mechanism to monitor the effectiveness of the response and to promptly address problems in service delivery.


Why is SART important to the community?

  • A SART can assess and improve the effectiveness of current coordinated interventions.
  • A SART can identify agencies that should be involved in the multidisciplinary team.
  • A SART can provide a timely victim-sensitive and coordinated response to an assault. This can increase the likelihood that victims nad thier families will seek follow-up assistance and long-term support to promote healing, whether or not a formal police report is filed.

Mission Statement:

To combine cutting edge response techniques with collaboration among service providers to greatly enhance our ability to identify and treat victims, investigate crime and prosecute offenders.

To promote social change that fosters a society responsive to victims/survivors, their families, and our community and hold offenders accountable.

To provide compassionate and competent care to victims of assault.


Forensic Swab Holder

Forensic Swab Tray



Placing swabs in this holder helps keep you organized and lets you continue your exam without the interruption of labeling until after your exam.

The upper section is a full body outline and has 20 swab holder holes where you most commonly take evidence. The lower section has male & female genitalia outlines with places to insert swabs.

There are an additional four unlabeled swab holder holes on each upper corner for any additional swabs you might need to take. Click Here for Ordering Information.